The 5 principles of co-production – what’s it all about then?

Our Director Mark John Williams worked with Learning Disability Wales and their co-pro champions to create this excellent film:

Through five core principles of assets, networks, outcomes, exchanges (reciprocity), and creators of change, participants explain what co-pro feels like and looks like in real life. The photo shows some of the fabulous production team hard at work on the planning and editing.

Many thanks to LDW and the Big Lottery for helping to make this happen!

One comment

  1. Exciting times but to keep us on the straight and narrow, how do the 5 principles of co-production shown above i.e.:
    1. assets
    2. networks
    3. outcomes
    4. exchanges (reciprocity)
    5. creators of change
    …align with the 6 elements/ principles of co-production at i.e.:
    1. Building on people’s existing capabilities.
    2. Reciprocity and mutuality
    3. Peer support networks
    4. Blurring distinctions:
    5. Facilitating rather than delivering
    6. Assets


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