Can you help us with a 10-minute Co-pro survey for our Big Lottery evaluation?

The Co-production Network for Wales is funded for 3 years by the Big Lottery since August 2016. We have had a busy first year running events, making connections and getting to know our members. We hope it’s been as positive an experience for you as it has for us!

It is time for us to look back on our first year and evaluate where progress has been made, and what areas we still need to focus on and develop. Can you please help us out by taking 10 minutes to complete this survey before 21st August?

We can only continue to learn and improve by listening to you and understanding your experiences and views. Your feedback is integral to our continued effective delivery.

Click here to link to the survey.

Note: It is built using SurveyLegend. We didn’t realise it when we set it up but it’s not the most accessibility-friendly platform. (Lesson learnt for the future.) So, if you use a screenreader for example and you have trouble accessing it, please drop us a line at and we will send you a word-only copy which you can email back to us.

Thank you so much for your continued support –

Happy co-prodding !

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