Co-production Network for Wales

All in this Together!

Join us!

Enthused by what you have read so far? Then please join in!

Bring whatever you can contribute – knowledge, experience, influence, ideas, contacts, or simply your lovely self as a citizen, service-user, carer, volunteer, community leader, public service professional and/or co-pro fan.

As individuals we are relatively powerless. Collectively we are unstoppable.

Take the first step today and:

  • Join our Network mailing list to receive our monthly Newsletter; plus updates and information about the Network and the co-pro revolution in Wales (and beyond)

Even better…

  • Become a Network Member and official co-pro radical – with a limited-edition badge to prove it! Click this link for more information about the benefits and responsibilities of membership, and to access the Membership Form. (will go live by May 2nd)

And please feel free to contact us with information or stories you’d like to share, or suggestions for making the Network more effective. Or for anything else! 

Contact info:

Director Mark John Williams: / 07884 587049
(Mark is based in north Wales)

Co-ordinator Judith Nubold: / 07748 388505 (Judith is based in south Wales)

Or follow us on twitter at @copronetwales


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