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UPDATE: Parliamentary Review in to Health & Social Care: message from Noreen Blanluet & Paul Stepczak

A huge thank you to the Co-production Network for Wales for spreading the word and for attending or sending attendees to the public pre-event on 18th May at Redhouse Cymru in Merthyr.

31 people attended the morning session in which we discussed what’s good and what’s not about health and social care in Wales, and started proposing ideas and solutions to improve mental health, hospitals, primary care, integrated services, and other health and social care services. (Just a small agenda then!)

This was preparatory thinking towards the main session of the Parliamentary Health and Social Care Review on Wednesday 31 May at the Swalec Stadium in Cardiff. This will be attended by academics, civil servants, policy makers, and professionals – plus there are 30 all-important places for citizens / members of the public.

20 of the 30 places have been reserved by people who attended the 18th May in Merthyr. We are keen to see all the spaces taken up that are available to members to the public to have a voice in this review

If you or someone you know is available and willing to contribute their voice to shape the future of health and social care in Wales, please do pass this eventbrite link on to them:

Thank you for helping us make public representation as strong as possible in this process.

Health and Social Care Review: Public Invitation
Wed 31 May 2017, 10:00 – 16:00 BST
SSE SWALEC Stadium, Cardiff, CF11 9XR

As a Network, we’re aiming to get a finger in every co-pro pie we can find, and to ensure that all the pie-makers have at least one finger (in the nicest sense) in the Network. Reciprocity in practice!

As a first step Mark and Judith have been busy getting to know the co-pro community (and the potential co-pro community) and spreading the word about the Network. They’ve run events, training & workshops up and down the country; have produced information leaflets, articles, and a monthly Newsletter, given presentations and participated in discussions about policy and practice at all levels. And Mark has produced a film about the 5 principles of co-pro with the lovely folk from Learning Disability Wales plus we’re working on additional resources for both professionals and citizens.

Next step is a major MEMBERSHIP DRIVE since, sure as eggs is eggs, we can’t do this without you!

Other recent & curr(a)nt pies include:

Measuring the Mountain: (with Neil Wooding of the National Statistics Office and a collection of co-pro lovelies including SenseMaker genius Bethan Smith): a plan for a co-produced evaluation of the Social Services and Well-being Act, using people’s stories and a citizen jury to discover what’s going  well and how to do more of the good stuff. The proposal is on our Resources page. Delectable WG radicals Albert Heaney and Andrea Giordano are keen to help us make it happen, and the Carnegie folk might also step in to assist. This could be awesome!

Commissioning for co-production and outcomes: a multi-pronged approach to changing the way we do things, assisted by the New Economics Foundation and the expertise of Jon Skone whose co-pro commissioning paper was warmly received by the Finance Minister. Lots of interesting conversations starting up – and equally interesting actions – within the National Commissioning Board, the Social Services Improvement Agency and Learning Disabilities Wales’ commissioning sub-group. Plus several local authorities who are beginning to shift to a co-pro approach (rousing hoorahs for Pembrokeshire and Swansea among others…)

Co-production Expert Classes (funded by the Care Council): seven ‘what, why and how’ sessions delivered across Wales to around 150 participants from local authorities, health and the third sector. The slides from the sessions are on the Care Council Learning Hub. Responses were massively positive – there’s a huge desire to get back to this value-based way of working, and an equally huge desire to get rid of the structures and systems that are preventing us. Such as output-based commissioning, short-term funding, and KPIs. If we stick together on this one we will prevail (and if we don’t we’m doooomed!).

Seeing is Believing: the Co-production Catalogue (a partnership between Co-pro Wales, Public Health Wales and the Network): inspiring case studies from across Wales, along with an explanation of what co-pro is and isn’t, an evaluation tool, and a pile of resources. Hosted on the Good Practice Wales website.