What we do

We ‘do’ co-production – advocating, informing, inspiring, researching, persuading, supporting and connecting.

With your help we’re building an active network of people in Wales who will share their skills, knowledge, experience and resources to change our public services. We want to co-produce those services – professionals and citizens working as equal partners to commission, design, deliver and evaluate the services we all rely upon.

We have four key aims:

  1. We’ll create a community of practice – a network of people who will support, inspire and energise each other.
  2. We’ll develop the evidence – case studies, stories, videos and research reports – to help people understand what co-pro can achieve and encourage them to do more of it.
  3. We’ll help each other shift to a co-productive way of working – all of us at all levels – government, providers and citizens sharing power and sharing responsibility. A true partnership.
  4. We’ll create a context within which co-production can thrive with policy, commissioning, evaluation and funding all supporting this way of working. ‘All in this Together’ in practice!

There are lots of different ideas about what co-pro is – and isn’t. Here’s our official definition:

Co-production is an approach to public services which enables citizens and professionals to share power and work together in equal and reciprocal relationships.

What it means in practice is acknowledging that everyone is an expert in their own life, everyone has something to contribute, and that enabling people to support each other builds strong, resilient communities. And that helps strengthen the relationship between citizens and service providers, improving the outcomes for everyone.

And what’s really exciting is that Wales is a world-leader in co-pro – we’re talking the talk AND walking the walk! Our Social Services & Well-being Act has co-production at its heart, as does the Well-being of Future Generations Act; it’s a core principle of NHS Wales’ Prudent Healthcare strategy; it’s strongly recommended in the 2016 Chief Medical Officer’s Report, and is a key feature of the Welsh Government’s Guidance on working with Communities. And the Co-production Catalogue from Wales is stuffed full of examples of it happening on the ground.

Now we need to scale things up and make co-pro the norm in Wales. We need to pool our brains, our passions and our hearts and work together, supporting each other and sharing our time, energy and abilities.

The purpose of the Network – your Network – is to help make that happen.

An overview of the original proposal is on our Resources page…here’s a short update: Network Overview – May 2016.